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What to See & Do

The Castle's unique features are worth a visit in itself, but there's plenty more to see and do! Whether admiring the 360° view of the Blue Ridge Mountains from atop the Tower or pondering the meaning of life in the Zen Garden, Uhuburg has something for you.



Castle Walls

Every part of the 2 level walls is a unique vista. Explore the upper rampart or ground level


Trail Hike

Trek alongside waterfalls and look for native orchids on two miles of forest trails


Mural Walk

See how humankind has sought to understand life and its meaning    More Info


Are you up for it? Climb the 8 story Tower for a magnificent view of the Blue Ridge Mnts


Garden Stroll

Enjoy the blooms, produce and fascinating bog plants of Uhuburg Gardens    More Info


Zen Garden

Rest, reflect and decompress from our busy world in the Zen Garden

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