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FAQ's & Contact Form

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to get tickets ahead of time? Advanced ticketing is preferred. Online registration is available with credit card and cash payment options. Walk-ins are welcome on space-available basis and require more time at check-in.

What does a ticket to Uhuburg get me? General Admission visits to Uhuburg are described here

Are Day Tours, General Admission and Tickets the same thing? Yes! Unless otherwise stated, if you have purchased a ticket, you are in and can join the guided tours, climb the Lookout Tower, walk the walls, etc. during open hours on the date of your ticket.

Can I cancel or reschedule my tickets? Tickets are transferable to other dates. If you do not see the reschedule option through our ticket service (or if you have an extenuating circumstance), write us an email at If you haven't received a response before your scheduled tour date, don't worry, we can still change it!

Do you have a group rate? Do you do host field trips? Group Rates are available for 20 participants or more. We can host educational field trips with educational rates for students, though our capacity for participants is still limited. For either inquiry, please Contact Us for details and arrangements.

Inside the Castle Buildings

What parts of the castle buildings can visitors see and go into? At this time, guests can see the Great Hall, Tropical Atrium and 2 guest chambers. The Great Hall is viewable at all times through the back entrance, and, twice an hour, tours are offered through the Great Hall and into the Atrium. The two guest chambers are viewable through some of the windows until we begin accepting overnight bookings.

What else is inside the buildings and why can't visitors enter all of the rooms?  The buildings collectively house the Great Hall, Tropical Atrium, commercial kitchen for event caterers, a hotel foyer for overnight guests (in progress), 10 overnight guest chambers, 4 staff apartments/private residences, a harvest processing room, workshop space and storage. Areas are certified for the various uses and therefore not all are certified for events and the general public such as hotel guest spaces and the catering kitchen, and the apartments are personal spaces for those who reside on site.

Can visitors see the overnight guest chambers?  At this time some of the guest chambers are cleaned up and are showable, save for wall décor and a few other final details. Two rooms in the south gatehouse (site #10 on the brochure map) are viewable via an open window. Check out the unique furnishings before overnight bookings begin!

Can visitors see the Great Hall and Tropical Atrium without a tour? The Great Hall is viewable but roped off outside of the offered tour to interior spaces. The Atrium can only be viewed on tour.

During a visit, if I find an unlocked door, can I go inside? Visitors are not welcome in interior rooms that are not open to the public. Occasionally an "Employees Only sign" falls off a door or we miss a door lock, and we apologize for the confusion - thank for supporting our efforts of completing these spaces by not entering them. 


Is Uhuburg wheelchair and otherwise accessible? The grounds are partially accessible by wheelchair. We have brick paths throughout the grounds and the lower wall is cement with an inch+/- height difference between the 2 surfaces. Toward the back of the grounds, accessed by brick pathways, are two ramps to portions of the upper wall (great views of the grounds with a mountain skyline behind them!). Other parts of the upper wall do require stairs, as does the Lookout Tower and other towers.


An ADA compliant bathroom and another partially compliant bathroom can be found in the public bathroom area at the back entrance to the Great Hall (with ramp entrance to building). 


We offer guided tours , one through the grounds at large and one through the Great Hall and interior Tropical Atrium. Participants with a wheelchair can participate in the tour through the grounds via a modified route, and the tour through the interior rooms is accessible by way of ramps and minimal floor level change.


Rental equipment: At this time we do not have wheelchair rentals nor hearing assistance devices available.

Parking: Accessible parking is available, please inquire about how to get there prior to parking.

Language: Guided tours and signage is only offered in English at this time.​


Can I bring my pet with me to Uhuburg? Pets are not allowed on the grounds at this time. We apologize for the inconvenience. It has not worked out well during the few times exceptions were made.

Will Uhuburg have pet-friendly overnight guest chambers? We do not anticipate having pet-friendly overnight rooms and encourage folks to stay at Great Bear Lodge if traveling with fur babies. The folks at Great Bear Lodge are great, and they are right down Ridge Road from Uhuburg!

Guest Chambers & Overnight Stay

When can I book a room at Uhuburg? We are working on preparing rooms, establishing a booking system, and determining castle lodging logistics. As soon as we have answers, information will be posted on the website, social media, and through our newsletter.

What are the prices for overnight stay and what's included? We are working on these details as quickly possible and will share information when it is available.

Inquiries about Events & Weddings

Please fill out our Contact Form below and include your preferred date or date range including year, the type of event, and estimated number of guests with your inquiry. Our maximum capacity for seated dining arrangements is 125. We can provide a list of Preferred Vendors for catering, photography, décor and floral, DJ, and other services, and at this time clients can bring outside vendors who are not on that list. We are backed up on communications right now but will reply within a couple weeks. Thank you for your patience!

Employment & Volunteering

Employment: Thank you for your interest in working at Uhuburg! Please compose an email with a brief description of how your interests, background, skills and experiences overlap with what we are doing here at Uhuburg. Attach your resume as a PDF, and send it to Bob at and cc Naomi at We are primarily focused on filling docent positions for our weekend day tours at the moment but are looking to fill various other positions as well.

Volunteering: Thank you for considering sharing some of your time with us at the castle! To volunteer, please complete our application at the link below and we'll be in touch.

Contact Form

We are excited to work with you on your booking inquiries and questions! Please send us a note and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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Please note that we are backed up on communications at the moment. We will get back to you as soon as possible, which may be a couple weeks. We appreciate your interest and patience!

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