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Gardens & Grounds

Orchards, courtyards, row crops, ponds, and a forest are just some of the green spaces that make up the forty-five acres of Uhuburg.

Practical Gardening

Uhuburg has a produce garden, vineyards, greenhouse, tropical atrium, demo gardens, a native garden, orchards, mushroom room, and flowering gardens throughout the courtyards.

More than 25 row crops provide ample growing space to provide for our overnight guests, future produce market, and special events. Seedling propagation occurs in the greenhouse and, together with a tropical Atrium, the 2 areas provide unique growing settings year round. The vineyards produce over 1500 pounds of muscadine and concord grapes each year. A specially designed room in the South Gatehouse is used for produce processing, preparation and storage. A native garden features plants such as American Beautyberry and local milkweed. Several small growing areas are used to demonstrate various, practical  growing techniques such as hügelkultur and square foot gardening.

Coming additions: mushroom room and medicinal gardens

Botanical Gardens

Dawn redwoods, once native to Georgia, and peacock ferns create a charming path up to the castle. Upon entering the grand red gates of the Main Gatehouse, a rose garden kicks off the courtyard botanics with pink blooms all summer. The courtyard gardens meander throughout the grounds, lush with an abundance of flowering plants, fruiting trees, pond flora & fauna, and a particularly special feature: a bog of carnivorous plants.


Did you know?

Venus Fly Traps are native to only North & South Carolina!

Enchanted Forest & Trails

 The land of Uhuburg is filled with a variety of natural wonders including common and unique forests, several waterfalls, a historic gold mining aqueduct, several springs, valleys, fauna groupings, unique trees, plants, rock formations, vistas and scenic views. The trail is in the process of becoming cleared and well-marked, and is designed to pass by many of these features.


Be a Part of Uhuburg!

With such an abundance of growing space, the castle gardeners can use help with planting, weed control, maintenance and harvesting.

Click below to fill out our volunteer application.

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