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Experiencing Uhuburg

The Castle's unique features are worth a visit in itself, and there's plenty more to see and do throughout our open air grounds! Whether admiring the 360° view of the Blue Ridge Mountains from atop the Tower and castle walls or pondering the meaning of life amongst the philosophy murals, Uhuburg has something for you. In addition to exploring on your own, join our guided tours for the full experience.

Hours & Tickets


Saturdays: Entrance from 10:00 to 2:00

Sundays (beginning in May): Entrance from 11:00 t0 2:00

Uhuburg closes at 3:00



Day Visits at Uhuburg are mostly an outdoor experience, so check the weather and bring your coats and umbrellas if needed!


Adults: $35

Seniors 65+: $30

Children ages 3-12: $25

Ages 0-3: Free

Military: $30

Special Dates

April 20 - Closed for private event

May 19 - Closed for Creator Day 

(pre-registration required)

Day Visits are mostly an outdoor experience and include:

Your choice of arrival time between opening and 2:00

Free parking and shuttle service

Two levels of castle walls and so many towers

Two acres of gardens & grounds

A growing collection of castle games

Mural project on various religions & philosophies (more added every year!)

Two guided tour offerings

Sneak peeks into 1 or 2 guest chambers if available

Explore Uhuburg at your personal pace during open hours on your ticket date. Last entry is one hour before closing (Uhuburg typically closes at 3:00).

 Frequently Asked Questions 

Explore the Grounds

Visit vistas all along the castle walls
See the Philosophical Murals
Contemplate at the Zen Garden
Step up into t
he Lookout Tower
Find your match at Castle Games such as "friendly" axe throwing, rollers and more

Lower wall mural walk

Join the Guided Tours

Highlights of Uhuburg: Learn about our favorite features and hear stories with Bob, Naomi or Ann! Focused on murals, architecture and the gardens, this tour is a great opportunity to ask questions as well as learn.

Departs from the Red Gates once an hour.

45 to 60 minutes

Great Hall & Tropical Atrium: Enjoy passage through the Great Hall and into the atrium full of interesting plants!

Departs twice per hour from the Great Hall back entrance.

15 minutes

Enjoy the Gardens

Carnivorous Bog
​Native Garden
Produce Garden

Interior Tropical Atrium (a must see! Short tours offered all day)
Ponds (with frogs & coi!)

March tadpoles

Note: Not all areas are open to the public all the time due to maintenance, weather, private uses and special events.

Special Events
Creator Day

May 19

1:00 -8:00

An all day, limited-ticket event for content creators to have extended access to Uhuburg for capturing stunning and imaginative photoshoots.

Creator Day (1).png
Medieval Tournament

June 1 & 2

Hear swords clang across the castle grounds and witness a Medieval fencing tournament! Learn about Medieval fighting & cast your votes for who wins each bout. Hosted by Carolina Historical Fencing



Participation is included in Day Visit tickets.

Tournaments and opportunities to engage with the organization will run continuously through the day.

Carolina Historical Fencing Association
Swordsmanship is back!

Next workshops: June 22 & 23, July 13 & 14

Try your hand at Medieval Swordsmanship with Appalachian Sword Club!

Participation is included in Day Visit tickets

Special ticket not required

Demos & hands on opportunities will run continuously through the day

Appalachian Sword Club at CastleFaire 2024
Need to Know Information

Please review the following information to know what to expect on your visit:

  • What do I do at Uhuburg? Guests tour Uhuburg in a museum style format, experiencing various features and areas at your own pace with options of guided tours. We recommend joining the two guided tours offered (the grounds at large and interior event spaces) and exploring the rest of the grounds on your own before and/or after (upper wall walk, Lookout Tower, greenhouse, etc).

  • Can I buy food at the castle? No, but bottled water is available on the shuttle for cash purchase. You may bring your own food & beverage.

  • Docents (guides) can be found around the grounds to answer questions and share information.

  • How long do people stay? Suggested time for a visit is 1.5 to 2 hours.

  • Pets are not allowed on the grounds at this time.

  • Where do I park? Guests park at our lower level and take the Uhuburg shuttle up to the grounds and back again at the end of your visit. Uhuburg staff are stationed at the lower level. Personal belongings in vehicles are left at your own risk.

  • Classical statuesOur statues are that of a classic nature and some celebrate the human body.

  • Leave no trace: Please enjoy the grounds by looking instead of touching and please leave no trace. We ask guests to stay on the paths and in designated areas for the public.

    • Guests will be escorted off the grounds without refund if climbing on statues or castle walls, defacing mural artwork or any castle structures, causing damage to garden plantings,  entering ponds and/or exhibiting other similar behaviors that may be unsafe or disrespectful to Uhuburg grounds, guests, and staff.​​

Location & Logistics
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571 Ridge Road

Helen, GA  30545, USA

Tips for finding us

Car Park


Parking is available at our lower level off of Ridge Road. A shuttle bus will take visitors up to the castle from this parking area.

Wheelchair Access Crosswalk


The castle grounds and walls are partially wheelchair accessible. An ADA compliant bathroom is available in the Great Hall. More information is in our FAQ's.