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CastleFaire Header 2025
A Renaissance Festival on Castle Grounds

CastleFaire 2025 info is in the works. Stay tuned!

CastleFaire 2024 was a blast

Since it was Uhuburg's first Renaissance festival, we learned a lot and have tremendous appreciation for the supportive vendors and entertainers, flexible patrons, problem solving staff, and community partners that all made CastleFaire possible. Vendors, staff and patrons alike were really impressed with how many people dressed for the occasion in garb and costumes of all kinds ~ it's without a doubt that you all made CastleFaire extra special (pictures are being added to the Gallery below!). It was powerful to witness all the enthusiasm for this festival and Uhuburg. Thank you. We plan to do it again!

CastleFaire 2024 Gallery

Uhuburg Photography
Taken by staff with more to come!

Photos by local & visiting photographers
E.L.Clay Photography     Carissa Carter Photography     Christopher Ackerman Photography
If you'd like your work featured, email us at

First Year Reflections

We appreciate your feedback. Some of key items we'll work on increasing and improving for next time:

More buses (we had 4 by Sunday!), seating in the Great Hall, alternatives to shuttle transfer particularly for those with accessibility needs, ticket quantity, heaters, trash cans, hand warmers for sale (maybe cloaks too?) and more.

FAQ: Why is CastleFaire in January?

  1. The community businesses that partnered with Uhuburg to provide off-site parking, buses and drivers are not available at other times.

  2. It's the time of year vendors and entertainers said they have availability.

  3. We want to provide the opportunity for you to wear all that winter garb you have. Kidding aside, thanks for braving the cold with us. We loved how many folks expressed enthusiasm for bringing out the wool, furs and velvet!


FAQ: Can I bring my dog?

Pets are not allowed on the grounds at this time.

Special Thanks

Lacy Greer - Festival Coordinator

Terry Sims - Off site parking, additional bus drivers and buses

Pierre Maalouf - Off site parking

Kristin Reyelt - Social Media Mage


Ticket information will be posted here when available for CastleFaire 2025.

Weather & Cancellation Policy

Bring your cloaks, capes and coats! CastleFaire is a winter, primarily outdoor experience and will be held rain or shine. Please check the weather and plan ahead.

Tickets are non-refundable.


Festival Hours


January 12, Friday - 12:00 to 5:00

January 13, Saturday - 10:00 to 5:00

January 14, Sunday - 10:00 to 3:00

Performance & Activity Schedule


12:15 Appalachian Sword Demos

1:00 World Competitor Beatbox


1:30 Belly dancing in Great Hall

1:30-3:30 Buster Brown & Birds of


2:00 Costume/Character Contest

3:00 Appalachian Sword Demos

4:00 Belly dancing in Great Hall

4:45 Closing Ceremonies & Parade


10:30 Appalachian Sword Demos
11:30 World Competitor Beatbox


12-3:00 Buster Brown & Birds of


12:15 Belly dancing in Great Hall

1:00 Living History Arquebus, 

     Longbow and Crossbow Demos

1:15 Costume/Character Contest
2:15 Appalachian Sword Demos

3:00 Living History Arquebus, 

     Longbow and Crossbow Demos

3:15 Belly dancing in Great Hall

4:00 Appalachian Sword Demos
4:45 Closing Ceremonies & Parade


10:00 Liliana Fantasy Folk Music

10:30 Appalachian Sword Demos
11:30 World Competitor Beatbox


12:15 Belly dancing in Great Hall

1:00 Living History Arquebus, 

     Longbow and Crossbow Demos

1:15 Costume/Character Contest
2:15 Liliana Fantasy Folk Music
2:45 Closing Ceremonies & Parade


Artisan Market
Dragon Eye Glass and Leather Art, Stones & Gems, Woodwork, Blacksmithing, Readings, Soaps, Leatherwork, Chainmaille, 3D Dragons, Questing; Bone, Copper & Smithed Jewelry, Incense, Wooden Utensils, CBD Oil, Resin Art, Breads, Kettle Korn

Performance, Activities & Entertainment
Swordsmanship Combat Demos, Bagpipes, Mermaid, Folk Music, Fairies with Bubbles & Face-painting, Heralding, Medieval Music, Foam Sword Fighting, Beatboxing, Archery, 15th Century Knight, Axe Throwing, Immersive Questing, Belly Dance, History Now: A Living History Experience

J-Mikes Flavor Station and Jamwich will be parked at Uhuburg's Red Gate entrance for your finest festival feast. Snacks and tasty treats such as Hot Beverages, Kettle Korn and Homemade Breads can be found in the artisan market

CastleFaire is not currently accepting vendor applications. To be notified of future vending opportunities at Uhuburg, please email us at with a description of your product, workshop, activity, etc, and any web/social links for your business. Thank you for your interest!

Parking, Shuttle & Walking

Parking & Shuttle Info will be posted here for CastleFaire 2025.

​Carpooling is strongly encouraged.


  1. Uhuburg is less than a mile from Fun Factory and 1.2 miles from the center of downtown Helen. Sidewalks available until Ridge Rd - watch for cars!

  2. Walkers can share the road with Uhuburg's shuttle from our Ridge Rd entrance up to the castle. Approximately a 10 to 15 minute uphill walk.


Uhuburg grounds (and CastleFaire) are partially accessible. Most pathways are wheelchair accessible, but ground is also often uneven. The Great Hall has an ADA compliant bathroom. The Lookout Tower is accessed only by stairs.

Options for parking and entering the castle grounds:

- Accessible parking spots in the lower level parking lot (shuttle service provided)

- Drop-off at the castle entrance

- Two accessible parking spots at the castle entrance

Weapons Policy


CastleFaire is hosted on private property.  Concealed and open carry firearms are PROHIBITED upon the grounds, except as required by law with regards to law enforcement personnel with properly presented credentials.

Costume Weapons

  • Only arms relevant to the period portrayed in costume are allowed. Such arms include but are not limited to swords, daggers, axes, bows and arrows, crossbows and replica firearms.     

  • All costume blades must be properly sheathed and peace tied with red twine, ribbon or zip ties at all times.  Arrows must have tips removed (except padded LARP tips), tied together and tied inside the quiver.

  • Crossbows must not be capable of launching any projectiles.

  • Only period appropriate replica firearms allowed.  Replica firearms must not be capable of launching projectiles and/or making loud or gunfire sounds.

  • Foam weapons are okay to wield, but please no fighting (except in our foam sword fight ring!).

  •  All persons and weapons are subject to search and inspection.  Any item found to be potentially harmful or unsafe will be removed and securely stored until departure.

Uhuburg, Eagle Owl Castle

Uhuburg is the Renaissance Eagle Owl Castle in Helen, GA. It is a philosophical, food producing, natural and celebratory place. Outside of CastleFaire, Uhuburg offers day visits with guided tours, unique guest chambers for overnight stay, photoshoots and special event bookings as a venue


Read more about our mission, the mural project, history, and visit our Gallery

During CastleFaire, the 2 level castle walls, Lookout Tower, and Great Hall will be open for festival participants.

Address: 571 Ridge Rd, Helen, GA

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